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• since 2014 •

Family hotel Oak Residence Hotel & Relax is located in the heart of Rhodope mountains, the oldest and most vast mountain range in Bulgaria and the Balkans. Nestled between the beauty of lakes and the tranquility of evergreen forests, Oak Residence Hotel & Relax is a dream come true for those who look for an escape from big city noise and overcrowded resorts. Surrounded by a magical presence, preserving the beauty of these wild and pristine places, boulders, waterfalls and an incredible variety of plants and animals, this is the perfect place for ski tourism and mountain relaxation.

Our hotel is located at 1500m altitude and in close proximity to one of our largest freshwater lakes, part of the well-known Smolyan lakes. Here Mother Nature shares one of Hers most priceless gifts- fresh air. Air in this particular region is well-known for its medicinal and therapeutic effect on people. This is due to a particular type of wind phenomena occurring in the mountain breezes. As a result, the air becomes saturated with negative ions which eliminates the development and spread of viruses, bacteria and diseases. It’s been scientifically proven that people in this area suffer less, and recover relatively more quickly from all kinds of ailments.

We are only 15 minutes drive from the newest six-seater gondola lift Stoykite - Snezhanka Peak . After a short scenic trip , you will found yourselves on the very top of the international ski resort Pamporovo. Ski and snowboard enthusiasts can enjoy 14 ski trails with a total length of 20 km. The city of Smolyan is only 7 km away, and the international airports of Plovdiv and Sofia are 90 km and 210 km away, respectively.

Due to the opening of the Bulgarian-Greek border checkpoint at Zlatograd-Thermes, the distance from Oak Residence Hotel & Relax to the crystal clear waters of Aegean sea is only 150 km. You can easily leave in the morning, spend the whole day on the beach and be back for dinner, enjoying the coolness of the Rhodope forests.

At the end of February 2021, the Rudozem- Xanthi border checkpoint is expected to be completed, through which all types of transport are planned to pass. This will be of great benefit for the improvement of the Rhodope region, as well as the development of trade, business and tourism in the whole district. The new infrastructural innovation will shorten the trip to Greece by a whole hour - the Greek sea will be at just 1.5 hours drive.

Give yourself a breath of fresh air and enjoy the century-old history of Smolyan town and the Rhodope Mountains, the birthplace of the ancient Greek gods and heroines.

Hear the silence at Oak Residence Hotel & Relax !

8Double rooms
1Fitness & Relax
1Kids' playroom

We are here to offer

1. Personal attention
We are the Zaimov family. Oak Residence Hotel & Relax has been our family owned hotel and a second home since the winter of 2014. Our dream is to combine the intimacy of well- appointed home with a 5-star hotel experience. Our hotel guests are guests in our home as well. Needless to say, we take pride in giving you the attention and care you expect.
2. Tranquility
Oak residence Hotel & Relax lies between pristine virgin landscapes and the stillness of freshwater lakes. The silence and serenity in this region have enchanting effect on people. Guests who have visited us share experiences of profound clarity, an inspiration for action, and deepening of their connection to themselves and others.
3. Healing mountain water
Forget about bottled water for a while. We invite you to enjoy the crystal clear mountain water that our family has had access to for generations due to a natural reservoir not far from the hotel. In recent studies, scientists link the longevity of the locals with the healing and rejuvenating properties of the thirst- quenching water of Smolyan lakes region.
4. Year-round tourism
The summer days here are sunny and warm, yet naturally refreshing due to the high altitude. Lush meadows, ancient green forests, legendary rocks and caves, blue lakes and crystal clear streams span across over 10 hiking trails and eco-routes. For the ski and snowboard enthusiasts, winter reveals mild weather, thick snow and the excellent ski slopes with a total length of over 20 kilometers